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Just drop me a note for more information about the following services.

Manuscript Consultations  Something magical happens when you gather a group of poems together. As you arrange and rearrange them, you begin to see patterns and shapes you never knew were there as you worked on single poems. I can help you discover the stories that the poems have to tell, and then structure your manuscript so that those stories best reveal themselves to readers.

Tutorials  I’m happy to work one-on-one with students at any level, beginner through advanced, on aspects of the craft of poetry.

Small Workshops  If you have a writing group or several friends you discuss your work with, you’re welcome to propose a weekly workshop via zoom.

Directed Reading  I’m open to reading poetry with you, whether or not you write poetry yourself.  Maybe there’s a time period you want to study, or a group of poets: the Imagists, the Modernists, the Beats.  If you’re writing poetry, maybe you want to read the work of poets you admire, or those you hope to learn something from.  Or a kind of poem: sequences, traditional forms, long poems.

Translating Poetry Although I’ve translated poetry only a little myself, and in collaboration, I’ve taught comparative translation many times and can help you think about the factors to consider as you work on your own. 


Sharon’s ability to understand the art of the book is without parallel.

I felt a strong sense of Sharon being as committed to teaching the art of poetry as I am to my own work.

Sharon not only helped order the poems, but–more importantly–she helped me see what was missing.

Sharon never imposed her vision–she coaxed my own understanding along, which led me to a stronger, more ambitious book.

I always felt uplifted by her comments, excited to revise and write.

You are making this a wonderful experience for me, unforgettable.

Word Music Fees

Manuscript Consultations

Basic $500 One careful read through, with comments on individual poems and
a detailed account of what work I think is left to be done
Intermediate $1000 The basic first step plus work on shaping the ms,
3-4 email exchanges
As long as it takes $1500 + As much time and work as it takes to for you to
feel as if your vision is clear on the page and
there’s nothing left to be done

If you know exactly what you want, start with that step. If you’re not sure, start
with Basic and we’ll take it from there.

Tutorials $100 per hour

Small Workshops $250 per person for a 5-week workshop with 5 students

Directed Reading $100 per hour

Translating Poetry $100 per hour

For more information, and to set up a consultation, contact me here.

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